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What is your used bike worth?

The Trek Bike Stores of Charlotte and Cool Breeze Cyclery in Mooresville, NC are offering a Bike Trade-In program for your used bike taking up room in your garage. The Trek Bike Stores of Charlotte and Cool Breeze Cyclery are interested to look at any non-department store used bike for Trade-In towards a new bike from any of our stores.

We are currently asking for an up to 24 hour evaluation time for all Trade-Ins. The Trade-In program is a Service aimed at making it easier for you to upgrade from your old bicycle. We will not "price match" online retailers for your used bike. Your Trade-In value will be in the form of a Trek Store IN STORE CREDIT that you can use towards the purchase of a new Trek or Cervelo bicycle!


So why should I trade-in instead of just selling my bike on my own?


Immediately deduct 20% off the top in Ebay and paypal fees. If you have a high starting bid, and your item doesn't sell, you still pay ebay. If you have a reserve price that is not met, you still pay ebay. If you have a low starting bid, you are taking a big gamble as you could get a low price for your bike. If that happens, guess what? You still pay ebay!


Shipping a bike requires a box, tape, packing material, printer ink, paper, gas and time to drive your package to FedEx, UPS, or the Post Office. 


If you have experience selling bikes on Ebay it will take you at least 2 hours to sell your bike when you factor in cleaning, photography, listing, answering emails, packaging, and collections. If you don't know what you are doing it could take you 3 to 4 hours and you could get a much lower price if you do not clean your bike or do it properly, do not take good pictures, or have the knowledge to answer the myriad of questions you may encounter. What is your time worth? $50/hour? 3 to 4 hours costs you $150 to $200. Time also refers to your cash flow. The trade in program offers you the opportunity to get a new bike quickly and get something from your current bike in return.
Trade in your bike at Trek Bikes of Charlotte, NC


Shipping a bike across the country or around the globe can be an unsettling experience even if you have significant shipping experience. The goods could get lost or damaged. This is a real risk. You can get insurance, but this is more time and money, and the shipping company could reject your claim, and filing a claim is more time and hassle. Ebay also requires sellers to allow all items to be returned unconditionally. How would you like to have that bike you shipped to Maine get returned on your dime? What if the buyer finds an imperfection that you did not notice or feel was important. It happens. It's expensive.  

Please call your nearest Shop with any questions:

Trek Bike Store of Charlotte - North:  704.598.0057

Trek Bike Store of Charlotte - South:  704.619.5802

Cool Breeze Cyclery - Lake Norman:  704.663.8812